Discover The 5 Most Affordable Regions To Retire In Costa Rica (Which Still Offer A Great Lifestyle)

In This Free PDF Guide You'll Discover:

      • A quaint little beach town full of great restaurants and cafes (and not yet overrun with tourists), with an equal mix of Costa Ricans and expats from the USA / Canada just waiting for you...

  • A community in the mountains of Costa Rica, 90 minutes from the San Jose International Airport, which is rapidly being developed and has land plots (with established water and electricity connections) ready to buy at very low prices

  • 3 popular expat regions with gated communities that have had a rapid increase in home robberies in 2022/23, which we recommend you avoid.

  • The BIGGEST mistake foreigners make when purchasing land in Costa Rica, which leaves them waiting years before construction can even begin… (page 25)

  • Which specific shopping chains to avoid (and which to seek out) when buying your groceries, meats, and other food items.  By shopping at the right places, you can save hundreds of dollars every month.

  • The first task to give to your property attorney before they even start the due diligence process on a land plot (do this upfront, to avoid paying $1000's in fees for a property which can't be build on)

  • Answers to questions like: can I still find a modern safe and secure home, with swimming pool and views, for under $400,000 and close to restaurants? (page 37)

  • ...and many other ESSENTIAL-TO-KNOW topics before you make your move.